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Walker Evans Velocity Series Shocks for RZR XP 1000

Walker Evans Velocity Series Shocks for the RZR XP 1000


The new VS2 shocks are in and they are simply amazing. Some of the features are:

2.5” aluminum body

7/8” stainless steel shafts

High and low speed compression adjustment

Spring preload adjustment

Eibach dual rate springs with crossover rings

5 staged internal needle valve for additional compression, rebound and anti-bottoming out control

Dropped down, specifically positioned piggyback for additional compression and rebound control

Clock-able piggyback for specific application fitments

Hard anodized components for improved wear resistance


These new shocks have unmatched progression and compliance built right into the system. If you want the best in plush ride in the small chop, stable high speed whoops as well as ample bottom out control, these are the shocks for you. We have done extensive testing with these shocks and can offer a custom tuned system that will fit you specific needs. If you are considering a new set of shocks for your XP then you need to consider these first.


Total cost..........$3,599.95 per set, includes dual rate springs

Walker Evans

$ 3,599.95 


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