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Polaris Sportsman Front Axle 330-700 (Dual CV's) -ADR

Upgrade your stock axle to this Dual CV ADR Axle from SuperATV. Add more strength by eliminating the stock u-joint.

Polaris Sportsman Front Axle
Will Fit:
2002 Models:
Sportsman 700 after 5/2/2002

2003 Models
330 Magnum
600 Sportsman
700 Sportsman

2004 Models
ATP 330
ATP 500 H.O.
330 Magnum
400 Sportsman
500 Sportsman - with Male spline on In Bound Yoke
600 Sportsman
700 Sportsman

ADR Brand Axles are designed to replace any stock axle application. ADR Axles are fully assembled using precision components, high quality grease, and heavy-duty Neoprene boots for excellent protection.

These axles are engineered to meet and exceed your OEM. If you're looking for a cost effective axle, we've got what you want.

Axle orientation is the same as if you are sitting in the bike.

We offer a 60 day warranty on all ADR Brand axles.

ADR Brand Axle


$ 155.95 


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