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2010-2014 Ford Raptor OEM Shock Rebuild

If you have over 35,000 miles on your Raptor it may be time for a shock rebuild. Just bring your shocks to us and we will handle the rest. Additional fees apply if we have to remove the shocks from the truck.
Rebuild costs include disassembling your shocks, removing the old fluid, replacing the seals, reassembly, and recharging the shocks with nitrogen to the factory specs. We also reccomend changing out the fox proprietary nitrogen needle valves that are very prone to leaking with stainless steel high temp schrader valves. With the schrader valves installed you will be able to check your nitrogen pressure and/or add nitrogen to your shocks at any time.


Price is $500 per set of shocks. $580 if you want the Schrader valves installed.

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$ 580.00 


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