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Shock Therapyst - Dual Rate Spring Kit (DRS) for RZR XP 900

Our new DRS package is fully tested and in stock for the RZR XP900. This spring kit replaces the factory single spring or bee hive spring with our TRUE dual rate spring system. The kit includes 8. racing coil springs, 4 spring dividers*, 8 spring adapters*, and 4 of our patented “Silent” cross over rings. Most shocks require that the whole shock be disassembled in order to thread the cross over on the shock from the top but not our system. Our multiple piece cross over can be bolted onto the shock just by removing the coil springs. Then just slide the new springs in place and your in business.

Things you can expect with a TRUE DRS system:

Softer more plush ride for the first 2 to 6 inches of wheel travel
Smoother over the roughest bumps
Adjustable control over the second much stiffer spring rate
Silent engagement of the secondary spring rate (no clicking)
Less body roll
Less front end dive
Less bucking in the rear
Stiffer in the biggest hits and jump landings
Less bottoming out
More control at higher speeds

A better ride awaits you. Don’t wait, make your 900 ride like it was meant to!

FOX podium RZR XP900 DRS kit………………………$749.95
Walker equipped RZR XP900 DRS kit……………………$1095,95
(this Walker kit uses 3″ diameter springs front and back which is the reason for the cost difference)


Don’t be fooled by other “dual spring systems”. Just because they have two springs does not mean they are Dual Rate. If they don’t have a cross over ring then they are simply a dual spring with a combined, SINGLE spring rate. For more information about how this works see the DRS section under “whats new”.

*certain kits for specific shocks require different parts or different amounts of parts in the kit.

All of our proprietary springs are made in the USA using the highest grade of CrSi materials. This makes them more expensive than other springs but they will not fade or break. This is very important to suspension function and longevity.

Shock Therapyst

$ 749.95 


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