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Alba Racing slip-on exhaust XP 900

Alba Racing slip-on exhaust XP 900

*Full stainless steel
*Never requires repacking (will out live the vehicle)
*Makes as much or more than most full system exhaust available

Full stainless slip-on exhaust using an automotive flowmaster hushpower muffler. We use the Hushpower because it flows great and uses no packing. This muffler requires absolutely no service. What this means is no repacking of your muffler to maintain your horsepower gains. No repacking ever. Must SxS aftermarket exhaust systems require you to repack them every 10 hours. Read your owner's manual. When you lose packing you lose horsepower and also create heat spots that can cause cracking of your exhaust system. You don't even have to think about these issues with our exhaust. What about horsepower? You will see a 3 wheel horsepower gain.


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