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SDHQ Offroad

We may not be the first off road shop you walk into, but we will certainly be the one you remember.

…and we may well be the one that sets the bar for quality, service, and a right-on mix of personality and vision. SDHQ Offroad is all of those things, and it has all come together as the result of careful planning and growth. Back in 1998, our founder was just an average consumer, looking to accessorize his then-new truck. His choices for finding the parts he was after ranged from a few Chinese-made items on the shelves of the big retail chain, or some tired, obsolete products from the local mom and pop shop. These were simply not the answers he was looking for, so he did what so many of us dream of: He opened his own shop.

“Knowing that there must be something better than parts that would break in six months, or a showroom staff with 18 year-olds pushing whatever the manager told them to that week, I started a wish-list for my dream shop.” He had a specific goal in mind. “A shop that carried high end, high quality products, and knew these products inside and out. A shop that was knowledgeable on new trucks and new products and could explain the differences and advantages of each. A shop that could build and fabricate whatever the customer wanted or could tell them why they shouldn’t. The kind of place that would support a logical plan for a project, and without fear of calling out a bad one.”

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